A sprawled, green city thriving on services and exports.

Fort Ryan : The Great Auspicious UPDATED 4/7 IMG fixed

Mountain top!!!


City Of Wonder

Po Valley Area (Thumbnail picture is only one it would accept).

This is not a single city. It is a cross section of Northern Italy.

Santa Maria, Catalina - Downtown!

Welcome to paradise!

Kitsune Planet, Ryū-jin Nation, Morishima

Ryū-jin Nation's busiest port...

XL Nation News

Well this news has not been updated in 5 months!
I apologize for the recent outage of XL Nation. I don't know what happened, but it fixed itself apparently. Let's hope it does not happen again.
We recently lost our senior moderator, snick25:
There is no plan to replace him for the time being. Alex24, KR153, and The Funky Monk will continue to moderate the site.

I must apologize for my lack of attention to the site. I do not play Cities XL anymore and I have found interests in other things. I usually only check back in on the site every three days or so. I have lost interest in fixing the numerous bugs still existing on the site. However, I know how important XL Nation is to the great community here, and I have no intention on shutting it down anytime soon. I still take pride in the fact that I built this site and it flourished, and I want to keep it alive as much as I can. I will still check in at least twice a week. I don't always read through the forums so if you need something from me, you need to send me a pm. I always check those and respond to them.
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Recently Uploaded Mods

Vladimir the Great/Saint Vladimir
Vladimir the Great or Saint Vladimir Monument, Kiev.
Large Avenue Splitter
Splits a Large Avenue into 2x One-Way Roads.
Stone Plazas Sets
This will make available new options for plazas, having stone ground as theme.
5 lanes rhm bridge
5 lanes rhm bridge and two pieces of ramps
1400MW Nuclear Power Plant
1400 MW Nuclear Power Plant facilities with cooling tower.


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